Kevin Harrington "One of the original Sharks on Shark Tank and CEO of As Seen on TV" said "We believe Tablums is a breakthrough product, combining tradition with the 21st century technology. From the perspective of the wedding market alone we find it very hard to imagine a bride and groom not wanting one. Very cool product!"


"The 21st Century Photo Album"

Be miles ahead of your competition!

What is a Tablum?

The Tablum is an innovative and unique "Interactive Keepsake Photo Album" that combines High Definition Video with a traditional photo album. Tablums come in many sizes, shapes and tablet choices. The size of your album, tablet desired and placement will determine your final album. Tablet choices are the iPad Mini and iPad Air. Placement of your tablet can be on the front cover, inside front cover or inside back cover depending on your preference.

Why purchase a Tablum?

The Tablum makes your photo album come alive! It enables friends and family to view video and photographs of your once in a lifetime party all in the convenience of your special album.

How does a Tablum work?

The Tablum enables the viewer to watch the video of your event from start to finish or by segments of your event simply by touching a descriptive icon. You can also view photographs that haven't been included in your photo album by using the photo icon as a slide show to your favorite song. The user can even Post a picture to Facebook, Tweet a photo to your Followers, Post a picture on Instagram or e-mail a picture to a friend.

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Perfect for today's generation of Brides and Grooms. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteens, Graduations or any Special Event.

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